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Monday, June 3, 2013

DX Ginga Spark Site Opened, Ultra 500 Spark Dolls Series Launched (UPDATED)

B-Boys Japan recently opened a website with details for the upcoming release of the DX Ginga Spark and the sofubi Spark Dolls called Ultra Hero 500 Series and Ultra Kaiju 500 Series. Spark Dolls are used on the Ginga Spark allowing the user to utilize the power of either Kaijus or other Ultramen. The Spark Dolls are about 140 mm in height and will be released this June for 525 yen each. You can also purchase this as a set for 12,600 yen according to Bandai's official site. Check out the jump for the list of the Ultra Hero and Ultra Monster 500 series.


Ultra Hero 500 Series: 01. Ultraman , 02. Ultraseven, 03. Zoffy, 04. Ultraman Jack, 05. Ultraman Ace, 06. Ultraman Taro, 07. Ultraman Leo, 08. Ultraman Tiga (Multi Type), 09. Ultraman Gaia (V2), 10. Ultraman Agul (V2), 11. Ultraman Ginga, 12. Jean Nine. 

Ultra Monster 500 Series: 01. Baltan Seijin, 02. Gomora, 03. Zetton, 04. Saragas, 05. Eleking, 06. Godora, 07. King Joe, 08. Black King, 09. Kemurjin, 10. King Pandora, 11. Ragon 12. Thunder Darambia.

UPDATE! If you purchase this as a set, bonuses include a Hero Kaiju Encyclopedia and a Ultraman Ginga poster (A3 size). 


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