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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kyoryured Carnival And Bakuretsu Kyoryujin

The latest toy catalog scans showcases more of KyoryuRed Carnival.  revealing that only KyoryuRed gaining this power up. Together is another look at Bakuretsu Kyoryujin, a combination of PlesOh and Gabutyra.
Kyoryured Carnival can accessed by Gabutyra De Carnival combining with the Gaburevolver. The Gabutyra De Carnival resembles a small Gabutyra that can transform into a gun. Kyoryured Carnival will have new attachments just like Gabutyra such as Western Carnival, Macho Carnival, Samba Carnival and Kung-Fu Carnival by using the right batteries. Gabutyra DoCarnival is set to release this September at 6,800 yen. 


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