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Saturday, April 6, 2013

KyoryuViolet's Pleson Rumors!

New rumors for the upcoming Zyudenryus have surfaced online, one of which is focusing on KyoryuVoilet's Zyudenryu, Pleson. Please take these rumors with a grain of salt!  More will be revealed in this month's toy catalogues. 

Pleson is a violet and white Zyudenryu fashioned from a plesiosaurus. It would have 3 kinds of forms. First is its plesiosaur mode, next it can transform into a ship mode and will have a stand alone robot formation called Plesoh. When Pleson combines with Gabutyra and Bunpachy it becomes Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin or Exploding Kyoryujin. 

Another Zyudenryu,  Tobaspino might be part of a summer movie. It is been said that this should have been Beast Battery# 24, however it is labeled as Beast Battery #00. The main color motif are  blue and yellow. If Tobaspino  combines with Ankydon and Bunpachy it will become Spinodaioh (Daioh = great king). 

During the summer movie, Daigo would also have his own personnal power-up. He would have a new gun shaped after Gabutyra called the Gabutyra Dokanival (pun with « dokan » (« boom ») and « carnival »). Once combined with his Gaburevolver, Daigo would become KyoryuRed Carnival. 

Source: Heroshock


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