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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger V-Cinema Set Images

New images for the upcoming V-Cinema entitled:  Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger: 10 YEARS AFTER. has spread though interwebs which showcase the set familiar to fans. Also the phots show that Mugensai and Oboro Hinata, played by Ken Nishida and Shoko Takada are confirmed to reprise their respective roles. So where is Shurikenger?
Cast includes Shun Shioya (Yousuke Shina/Hurricane Red), Nao Nagasawa (Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue), Kouhei Yamamoto (Kouta Bitou/Hurricane Yellow) Yujiro Shirakawa (Ikkou Kasumi/Kabuto Raiger), Nobuo Kyo (Isshu Kasumi/Kuwaga Raiger).
The V-Cinema's limited edition will contain a documentary about Hurricanger that will run more or less about 1 hour.  The 10-year anniversary project was Nao Nagasawa and Kouhei Yamamoto’s idea as told in the video. Another feature will tell the story about the team 10 years after only to encounter a new evil threat. 
This offering will be released on August 9 and will be available in Collector's Pack edition for 10,290 yen, Blu-Ray Disc for 5,775 yen and 4,725 yen for the DVD version.


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