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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Riderman

S.H. Figuarts Riderman or Kamen Rider Yongo (according to V3) is the only rider in the showa era to only have half of his face uncovered. Even with that, he is still carrying the Kamen Rider tradition with his grasshopper helmet and chest accents slightly similar to V3. For some reason, the Riderman text on the window of the box is unreadable.

Riderman is the only Showa Rider who didn’t have a transformation belt but his own includes two pockets and the buckle is accentuated with translucent plastic. As mentioned, he doesn’t have a henshin belt, however he is compensated with his wide array of prosthetic weapons called Cassette or Attachment Arms. 

The first part is the Hook Arm that can be attached on his right side.Using this arm as a base, the hook and be replaced by a sickle, or a mace by just mounting these. Moreover, this functions as a Swing Arm, once the rope is attached together with the hook, sickle or mace. Other weapons include the Power Arm, a huge crescent-like armament, supposedly his strongest power up. It is interesting that Bandai has highlighted the cork with red paint to emphasize its corners. 

Last among armaments is the Drill Arm. This is nicely crafted piece and a dark swirl on the actual drill bit giving it more depth. Other accessories are 3 pairs of hands, and two kinds of mufflers that are for the static positions or for those action poses. 

I like this figure simply because the accessories are easy to manage and I think it is almost perfect. I believe there just a small nitpick on the shoulders being too cornered lessening that smooth transition from its torso. Another is the helmet that is somewhat susceptible to fingerprints. Otherwise a must have for Showa fans. Check out the video review below for more info.




UkiyaSeed said...

Just call him Kamen Rider 4. Yongo doesn't make sense unless if you are Japanese.

***Firestarter1331*** said...

not because I am not japanese doesn't mean I can't call him such, besides it is just a reference

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