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Friday, May 3, 2013

DX Ginga Spark Release Date, First Look At Spark Dolls

We previously reported initial magazine scan image of the upcoming release of the the DX Ginga Spark. This represents the device that will enable our youngest hero, Hiraku Raido to change into Ultraman Ginga in New Ultraman Retsuden. Recently, Japanese hobby online store, Amiami has opened this for pre-orders at 3,050 yen and is slated to release in late July.

It mentions that you need to insert any related Ultraman Spark Doll in order to switch on the gimmicks and also to activate Ultlive sounds for Ultraman Ginga.

Speaking of which, here are more scans of the Spark Dolls that will be featured in New Ultraman Retsuden. It shows Belial's Spark Doll,  Gaia, Ace, Tiga, Mebius, Agul, Zoffy and Leo.


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