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Friday, May 3, 2013

DX Sound Capsule Gaia Memory FINAL Images

It is back! Recently circulating around the net are the latest scans for the upcoming DX Sound Capsule Gaia Memory FINAL. The difference between these and previous batches is that these sets are using Kamen Rider logos instead of faces. These includes from Showa to present Hsieh (including Kamen Rider Wizard) Check out the list after the jump.

As of this post, the set will be released per box containing 7 memories each. According to HLJ's website the price will be about 2,400 yen per set and slated for July release. For information will be posted soon.

1. Wizard Memory
2. Fourze Cosmic States Memory
3. Kiva Emperor Form Memory
4. Den-Oh Liner Form
5. Faiz Blaster Form
6. Dragon Knight Survive Memory
7. Agito Shining Form Memory
8. Rider #1 Memory
9. Rider #2 Memory
10. Riderman Memory
11. Stronger Memory
12. Black Memory
13. Shinme Memory
14. J Memory

1. Fourze Memory
2. OOO Putotyra Combo Memory
3. Decade Complete Form Memory
4. Kabuto Hyper Form Memory
5. Hibiki Armed Memory
6. Blade King Form Memory
7. Kuuga Ultimate Form Memory
8. V3 Memory
9. X Memory
10. Skyrider Memory
11. Super 1 Memory
12. ZX Memory
13. Black RX Memory
14. ZO Memory


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