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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Super Megaforce Filming Starts, JDF To Reprise 2 Forms

Former Rangers who are making a cameo in the upcoming episode of Super Megaforce posted in the set photos which give fans something to drool on and anticipating in the anniversary season of Power Rangers. Starting off is Jason David Frank, who will be playing both Green and White Ranger from Might Morphin Power Rangers.

The 10 actor who are part of the final cameo list includes: Jason Faunt - Wes/Red Time Force Ranger, Jason David Frank - Tommy/Green Ranger, Danny Slavin - Leo/Galaxy Red, Melody Perkins - Karone/Galaxy Pink II, Reggie Rolle - Damon/Galaxy Green, Selwyn Ward - T.J./Blue Space Ranger, Sean Cw Johnson - Carter/Red Lightspeed Ranger, Hector David Jr - Mike/Green Samurai Ranger, Brittany Pirtle - Emily/Yellow Samurai Ranger, Alison MacInnis - Dana/Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger, Patricia Ja Lee - Cassie/Pink Space Ranger. Inside scoop via TMZ that Jason David Frank will be both Green and White Ranger.

Here are more photos in line with the shoot. 

First is Green Ranger goofing around as he passes his armor to Green Samurai Ranger. 

Next is Jason Faunt and JDF via Jason F. Instagram account

Last is a photo from Ciara Hanna's Instagram showing Green Ranger in the front line.


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