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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Super Megaforce "Uninvite" Message

So you already read the said "email" invitation from Saban to the past ranger actors to reprise their roles for Super Megaforce from what we know from Jason David Frank, more or less 60 rangers have received the invitation but only a handful are chosen to cover all of the previous seasons. It was also mentioned that there was a corresponding retraction email telling these actors that Saban cannot accommodate them all. What does the message contain? Check it out after the jump.

Dear Power Ranger,
Thank you for your patience while we have been organizing our anniversary episode and sorting out the details of cameo appearances by past Rangers. It is quite a massive undertaking, as you can imagine.

We were genuinely overwhelmed (and overjoyed!) to have had such enthusiastic responses to our request to you as to which of you would be available and interested to join us in New Zealand for the filming of our anniversary episode. After 20 years of Power Rangers, it is clear to see what this show means to the fans, but it is also quite an honor to hear what this show has meant to you, our Rangers.

Therefore it is with tremendous heartbreak that we have to tell you that due to the immense number of positive response to our inquiry to you all, we are not able to bring all of you to New Zealand to join us for the anniversary. Please understand that this is strictly a budgetary restraint, as we truly wish we were able to accommodate all of you in this celebration.

There were so many of you who said yes, honestly there were many more than we ever anticipated. It is a hard decision and disappointing for us all. There were so many more candidates than we were prepared for.

Due to the great response, we hope that sometime in the future we may be able to do another event and welcome you back as a Ranger. We wish you all the best for future success.

Please stay in touch! 

Power Rangers Super Megaforce will be an adaptation of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger where the pirate and other ranger keys will be the power ups for the current Megaforce (Goseiger) suits. Check out the list of confirmed actors from this link.

Email source via Furydiamond of RangerCrew.


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