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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Toy Review: Egg Attack Iron Man Mark IV

I'm not a fan of static figures. As a collector with specific taste, articulation is everything, especially I am also into toy photography. But during last year's Singapore Toy convention, this particular figure caught my eye. Not because it has LED lights, but the time and quality used in creating this figure. 

The EGG Attack Iron Man Mark IV packaging is very impressive, covered with holofoil print and flap to see the figure inside without taking it out of the box.

Taiwan’s Beast Kingdom and partner Kids Logic First Egg Attack Iron Man takes shape from the movie, Iron Man 2’s Mark IV. This latest deformed offering is a very detailed static figurine towering about 18cm or 7-inches. Its wet and glossy paint applications can rival today’s Hot Toys that makes this a one of a kind figure. 

Egg Attack comes with a high grade LED-powered light up platform with its name and model marked in front covered in golden plate. To operate, you need to open its base to place 3 AAA batteries and the switch is found just opposite its name. On Iron Man, you need to remove the face place and take out the tab. Switching this on lights up his left arm, eyes and his reactor. 

The EGG Attack Iron Man Mark IV is appealing but I believe it is targeted to those are really into Iron Man figures, may it be articulated or static. The paint applications are superb and with the base included, the whole package feels solid. 


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