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Monday, August 26, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Kazuya Mishima Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The first entry of Play Arts Kai for the Tekken franchise is Kazuya Mishima. Square Enix did the right choice in picking this character as the initial offering. Unlike Jun, Kazuya has a more accurate head sculpt with those devilish red eyes, scars and veins all over his upper body and a proper looking Gi.

Since Kazuya has a bare body, the joints on the shoulder and elbow are more obvious than suited Play Arts Kai figures. What he is inclusive with is a pair of open hands and a stage. The stage is incased in a clamshell packaging and the flaps include an instruction manual that eliminates the old white paper program. Hand replacements are very much standard but at least the pegs are more secure than Street Fighter’s Ryu.

I really like the paint application on Kazuya because of the dark airbrushed paint applications that is not too overboard like past Play Arts Kai releases. His arms are somewhat limited moving forward and back but the legs are significantly has great articulation. But Kazuya has this awkward crotch area and the joints between reveal themselves whenever the legs are raised, that also shows that weird gap in between. As of this review, this is one of the best Kazuya renditions in the market.


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