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Monday, June 3, 2013

Kamen Rider Succeed. Kamen Rider Break Rumors

New rumors for the 15 hsieh rider have surfaced online. These latest developments not only cover Kamen Rider Succeed, but also another rider named Kamen Rider Break. Please take these rumors with a grain of salt.

It has been rumored that we have the name of the 15th successor, the name is Kamen Rider Succeed. Above is a sketch recently posted on 2ch. Succeed has a crowned "cracked" helmet with a red and silver color motif. Succeed connotes that he "succeeds" to the throne.  The rider is a college agricultural and biotech student. while the leading lady would be a flower shop assistant and there would be a giant robot called Plantroid. The title would be a pun on the saku, which means “to slice,” and seed.

Kamen Rider Break
There are reports of another rider should Succeed not push through. The name is Kamen Rider Break, the form is a cross between Ironman and Kamen Rider Eternal. From the sketch, the helmet has circular rings on the ears and it is rumored that the base color is yellow. 


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