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Friday, June 28, 2013

SDCC Green, White Ranger Exclusives Previewed

It seems there will be a lot of San Diego Comic Con 2013 Power Ranger exclusives that focus on the Tommy's MMPR persona. Announced recently are a batch of Green and White Ranger figures and collectibles that will be sold during SDCC 2013.

One of these exclusives is the 4-inch Green Ranger figure that is coated in metallic paint. The set will be inclusive of a special Tribal power coin. 

Next is a limited edition gold Legacy Power Morpher with Tommy's Green Ranger and White Ranger Power Coins. Unfortunately, Bandai has announced that they will only be selling 1000 units at their booth.

Finally on the list are the Green and White Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the Power Rangers Action Card Game.


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