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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kamen Rider Gaim The Dancing Rider: Plot Summary Revealed

We have now additional information regarding the Kamen Rider Gaim, which tells us that the setting is not from the edo era (because of the Samurai armor motif) but takes place in a modern age. You'll be surprised how the story connects with the fruit rider. Check it out after the jump.

The plot takes on a street-dancing game in the city Joukamachi. The kids of this city wants to change its boring lifestyle with dance competitions. These youths play a game by using the Lockseeds to summon small monsters called Imbes and uses them for underground fights. The misuse opens more doorways for other bigger monsters.

Kamen Rider Griton, Ryugen, Gaim, Baron and Zangetsu

Kamen Rider Gaim's transformation belt is called Sengoku Driver which by inserting the fruit-themed padlocks called  Lock Seed, create other forms or "Arms Change".  Gaim uses the "Orange Lock Seed" and the "Pineapple Lock Seed" to summon "Orange Arms" and "Pineapple Arms" respectively. His catchphrase is “Passing through the audience, On Stage!”. Weapons are determined according to the Lock Seed he uses.  Gaim will have rival riders and are segmented into teams:
  • Team Baron - Lead by Kamen Rider Baron.  Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron (played by Yutaka Kobayash) is a strong person who grew up from poverty and learned in a young age that the weak are exploited. Kaito is aggressive on power. Kamen Rider Baron uses a Western Armour motif. He utilizes "Banana Lock Seed" and "Banana Arms". His catchphrase is “Knight Of Spear”.

  • Team Gaim - Lead by Kamen Rider Gaim/Kota Kazuraba. Gaim is played by Gaku Sano. Kota is the number 2 of the group but had to work for his elder sister. Kota is a gentle and kind person who accidentally discovers the Sengoku Driver. Along with Gaim is Kamen Rider Ryugen played by Mahiro Takasugi . Ryugen uses a Chinese Armour motif and has the "Grape Lock Seed" and "Grape Arms". It was kept secret from Kota that Ryugen is the son of the head of the Yggdrasil Corporation. He is tied to the thought that his future belongs to taking over his father's business. Ryugen wants to break free just like Kota (Gaim).
Other the characters in the series include:
  • Mai Takatsukasa: an aspiring pro dancer is a childhood friend of Kota. On Team Gaim, she takes care of all of the members. She does often think of Kota as a rival, but actually adores him (since a young age too). 
  •  Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, who has a key position in Yggdrasil. He is a ruthless realist but still seeks honour from his family.
  • Chakki is a member of team Gaim, a manly top-level dancer.
  • Rika is another dancer from the same team, inferior to Chakki but goes at her own pace.
  • Rat is a crazy dancer who likes to show off, also very positive and tries to cheer the team up, though it is sometimes more of a pain than it needs to be. 
  • Zakku is the 2nd dancer in team Baron. Very skilled, and a good right hand to Kaito. 
  • Peko is short but has a unique dance style. Very loyal to the team.
  • Akira Kazuraba is Kota's elder sister and works for Yggdrasil Corporation.
  • Kiyojiro Bando is the owner of the fruit parlour Dorupazu. Kota and friends go here for advice, information, hang out area etc. This will be the team Gaim's "base".
  • Sid, the lock dealer, is a mysterious man who deals out the Lock Seeds to the kids. It is not known how he gets these
  • DJ Sagara hosts a "pirate radio show" to the emerging cities, who is influential to young people participating in Beat-Rider dances and Inbes games.
Also shown above is the Coconut-themed rider, Kamen Rider Griton.

Source: Herotaku and Xtreme RX HJU


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