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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Isaac Clarke (Dead Space 3)

In about 10 inches in height, the Play Arts Kai Isaac Clarke takes its design from the third installment of the Dead Space 3. It is an Artic Survival Suit to be exact for the character’s defense against extremely cold environments. Some of the details may be familiar to those who actually played the game but it seems that Square Enix took some liberty on it own molds. Examples include arms that look leaner and legs that look a lot more muscular. Despite all those, this figure is superbly detailed from head to toe.

What he is inclusive with are 2 interchangeable hands, one to hold weapons and the other is to support the weight. Most impressive are his weapons namely the Plasma Cutter and the wonderfully crafted Pulse Rifle. An added gimmick of the Plasma Cutter is that it rotates just like in the game to either shoot bolt vertically or horizontally.

I just few small points I wish I could have seen from this figure. The blue life support and the visor could have changed into a translucent plastic. This way, it could add more character is somewhat closer to the game. I also wish that the pegs on the wrist could have hidden a bit more to be less Dissidia-esque. Even though that this figure is not that entirely accurate, what you have is an impressive figure overall. More to this form the video review below.




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