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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kamen Rider Gaimu Poster Previewed

Recently surfaced online is a poster for the 15th Heisei rider, Kamen Rider Gaimu and the secondary  rider on his left, Kamen Rider Baron. According to previous reports that there will be more than 2 riders joining show. Rather than having 4 (including Gaimu), the poster seems to showcase 5 riders. Also seen on the above image is one of Gaim's swords that is shaped like an Orange, presumably from his Orange Arms. More details will be updated soon.

Below is the rumored names of the other riders and their "Arms".
  1. Gaimu:  Orange Arms, Pine Arms, Strawberry Arms and Watermelon Arms 
  2. Baron: Banana Arms and Mango Arms 
  3. Ryugen: Grape Arms and Kiwi Arms 
  4. Zangetsu: Muskmelon Arms 
  5. (?)
Gaimu's (or Kamen Rider Gaim) transformation belt is called Sengoku Driver which by inserting the Lock Seed and cutting the fruit part by the Knife Cut, will allow him to do other forms. Gaimu's initial set of merchandises will be released from October - December 2013. The latest tokusatsu series, Kamen Rider Gaim starts airing this October 2013.

Image source: J-Hero


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