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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shougeki Gouraigan Plot Details And Rumors (UPDATED)

After the first announcement of new tokusatsu "love comedy battle action hero" series", Shougeki Gouraigan", the initial plot was revealed online recently. Aside from the confirmation that Yua Shinkawa (35-sai Koukousei, GTO 2012, Pink Buster/Tokumei Sentai Gobusters) will be playing as Hitomi Saikai, it is now confirmed via twitter (updated) the lead character Gou will be played by Shouma Yamamoto. Shouma Yamamoto is known in the tokusatsu universe for his roles as Kamen Rider Saga, Dark Kiva and Kamen Rider Rey in Kamen Rider Kiva.

Shouma Yamamoto
The plot details the story of the lead character Gou. Gou is a Hikaribito living in the Choshinkai. During a Kageribito mission, Gou  he is fronted by a Magi (monsters or creatures invisible to humans) and befalls on the Ningenkai world, Earth. He is informed that a certain group is present to attack humans and without hesitation defends the Ningenkai all by himself. The Magi are invisible to humans except to those with 6th senses.

In the story, there are two worlds described, Choshinkai, the World of Billion Truths, and the Ningenkai, the Human World:

  • The Choshinkai is a world with inhabitants named Hikaribito or the Light People. The Hikaribito have special powers to help the protect the Ningenkai. However their existence is unknown by humans. Gou is the General of the Light People. Criminals in this world are called Kageribito or the Shadow People.
  • The Ningenkai is a world inhabited by humans. Here we are introduced to  Hitomi Saikai, a high-school student who has a 6th sense. 

According to the series' official website, Shougeki Gouraigan will have a preview of its first two episodes on August 23 (Friday) at the Akiba Theater in Japan. This will be free admission, however due to the limited seats, a lottery will be set on July 31st and winners will be announced on August 8.
It was reported recently that Keita Amemiya will helm the directorial seat while Toshiki Inoue will head the writing pool. Shougeki Gouraigan will premier this Fall 2013.

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