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Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Sailor Moon Musical Title Named

The upcoming all-female return of the Sailor Moon stage musical based on Naoko Takeuchi manga creation, revealed the official title of the stage play, Musical Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: La Reconquista.

Naoko Takeuchi personally oversaw the auditions and picked the titular roles and the other cast members for the aforementioned stage play. Cast list names 17-year-old Satomi Ōkubo playing the lead role of Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon and Yūga Yamato, former member of the famed all-female Takarazuka troupe will play as Tuxedo Mask. Other Sailor Senshi joining the line up are: 16-year-old Miyabi Matsuura as Sailor Mercury, 16-year-old Kanon Nanaki as Sailor Mars22-year-old Yū Takhashi as Sailor Jupiter, 21-year-old Shiori Sakata as Sailor Venus.

New casts members are also named recently:  former Takarazuka actress Midori Hatsukaze as Queen Beryl,  Ryō Saika as Kunzite, Misaki Komatsu as Zoisite, Koro as Nephrite, model Root as Jadeite, Mayumi Shintani as Lemures Leader, and  finally Jamie Natsuki as Queen Serenity.

The story arc of the musical will touch on the battles between the Sailor Senshi and the Dark Kingdom that seeks the Silver Crystal. 

Takuya Hiramitsu will be producing, writing, and directing the stage play while Toshiko Sahashi will helm the music direction. Dwango and Nelke Planning are co-producing the musical's run from September 13 to 23 at Shibuya's AiiA Theater Tokyo. Tickets sales will start this August 17, 2013 for 6,800 yen. 

Source: ANN


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