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Friday, July 5, 2013

Toy Review: MAFEX Batman (The Dark Knight Rises)

Medicom is trying to take a piece of the 1:12 scale market with the  Miracle Action Figure EX (MAFEX) Batman, from The Dark Knight Rises. As their second release, Batman in a distance seems like a smaller version of the 1:6 Medicom release. Batman's armor may seem to get it right but upon checking small details, the less promising feature is the exposed face parts on the head sculpt which can be a hit or miss.  The soft fabric cape is made from a soft cloth material which doesn't really strikes that much compared to other similar releases on this scale.

Weapons and accessories collectively is simple. Batman is inclusive of the EMP Blaster which I believe is a fantastic piece, so as the small grappling gun reminiscent of the movie item. There are 3 hands in the mix, two of which are needed to hold the weapons. These are simply replaced on a small peg system rather than a ball joint. With this, the engineering lessens hand movement even further. Too bad none of this guns can be stowed away using Batman's utility belt. Last is a figure stand which reminds me of a mix between, a Figma, S.H. Figuarts and Revoltech stage. 

Articulation on the upper torso feels ok but the joints are awfully weak. Whenever I try to move the shoulder joints, these just pops out of the sockets effortlessly. These are not bad per se and can be modified in a way. It is just that collectors will be obliged to fix this problem instead of getting a figure on first hand without issues. Another weird limitation is on his neck. Though you can have a great backward tilt, you have no way of bending the head forwards. 

What surprises me that for an entry level figure that Medicom is trying to penetrate, the basic things are not there. For example this set didn't even include an instruction manual. Second, Batman doesn't even include a batarang when this is a signature weapon. It is a common knowledge even from people with the least knowledge about the character. Batman has basic articulation but I can give better appreciation in DC Universe classics than this Medicom figure. It is not really that disappointing, but if Medicom wants a piece of the market, this representation should have been well thought off. Is Medicom in a position to take the S.H. Figuarts market, in my opinion, not yet. More to this from the video review below.



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and check the ball sockets if they are ok

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