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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 47: The Truth About Wiseman -SUB

Kamen Rider Wizard episode 47 is entitled: The Truth About Wiseman "Waizuman no Shinjitsu" (ワイズマンの真実). Haruto returns alone to the Omokagedō where Nito and the others are watching over Masahiro Yamamoto, the Gate that they had rescued from Arachne, and reveals to them that Fueki is Koyomi's father and she is now under his custody. However, Yamamoto is distraught as he cannot contact his pregnant wife Aya and Haruto leaves with Mayu to search for her at their house. With no sign of Yamamoto's wife there, Mayu confesses to Haruto that she had just met the White Wizard and tells him about the ring he promised her, in exchange for Haruto's Infinity Ring. 

Haruto then decides to entrust her with the ring claiming that he trusts both her and Fueki. As Mayu brings the Infinity Ring to the White Wizard, Aya is found by Arachne but Kamen Rider Beast appears to protect her, accompanied by Yamamoto and the others. However, Medusa takes advantage of Kamen Rider Beast being too busy against the Phantom and deals an attack that seemingly kills Aya, driving Yamamoto into despair. But soon after, it is revealed that she was saved in the nick of time by Haruto using the Defend Ring, and upon realizing this, Yamamoto manages to keep his inner Phantom at bay. Misa joins the fight, determined to defeat Medusa once and for all as Kamen Rider Mage, while Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Beast fight Arachne. Medusa gains the upper hand against Kamen Rider Mage until she uses her newly gained Holy Ring to win, while Arachne is finished by Kamen Rider Wizard Land Dragon's Special and Kamen Rider Beast Hyper's Shooting Mirage. Soon after, Medusa is mortally wounded by Wiseman, who is revealed to be no other than Fueki himself, claiming that she has already fulfilled her purpose as all this time his objective was not to transform Gates into Phantoms, but into wizards instead, and with Yamamoto now able to become one, his plans are near fruition. Haruto and the others watch in shock upon this revelation as Medusa perishes before them.


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