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Monday, September 2, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Man Of Steel Superman

The Play Arts Kai version of Superman takes its form from the 2013 movie Man of Steel. Rather than taking just a rendition of the old spandex suit, the figure gives a more streamlined and modern look. Just like the movie, additional kryptonian accents are visible from the shoulders, bracelets that flows beautifully from top to bottom.

Sadly, the figure just comes with two open hands but the scarcity is replaced with a Play Arts Kai Stage. I like the fact that Square Enix used a peg on a balljoint engineering unlike Play Arts Kai Street Fighter figures. This give a move stable movement together with its ratchet joints.

If you are looking for an accurate figure, better add more and grab a Hot Toys edition. But for this scale, the Man Of Steel figure from Square Enix is quite palatable despite having 3 accessories. Again, if you don’t want this edition, Square Enix is cooking up a New 52 DC version that might be up to your discriminating taste. More to this from the video review below.


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