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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kamen Rider Gaim Toy Catalogue Revealed, Henshin Sequence Previewed

On our earlier report, we saw a preview of Kota's henshin pose without the actual transformation sequence. As we go along reporting more about the new rider, recent toy listings have revealed what would the transformation will look like and other "Arms Change" for the 15th Heisei rider, Kamen Rider Gaim.

 It looks painful but lets see the actual henshin once the promotional video airs.

Here is our first toy catalog preview of the DX Sengoku Driver that is slated to release this October. Preorders start this September 1st. To operate lock the seed, and slide this on top of the driver. The driver says "Lock On!" and when the "cutting" lever is pressed, it goes Suiya! while the final sound will depend on which seed is used. For example is "Orange Arms! Walking through the audience On Stage!". There are 3 more sounds that can be unlocked for each seed like for Orange these are "Orange Sparking!", "Orange Ole!", and "Orange Slash!"

Here is the holder called the DX Seed Holder that is inclusive of the Pineapple Lock Seed.

There is also a set that has both the holder and the driver which not only holds the Orange Lock Seed but also Banana for Baron and Pineapple.

DX Grape Lock Seed Kamen Rider Ryugen Set with Grape Lock Seed and the Ryugen Face Plate. When the Grape Seed is applied, the sound goes "Grape Arms Ryuhou Ha Ha Ha!".

 Here are the DX Strawberry, Watermelon, Mango and Kiwi Lock Seeds. It is rumored that Mango will be used by Baron while Kiwi is rumored to be used by Ryugen.

Check out the swords for the riders. For Gaim we have two toy versions of his swords,  first the DX Musou Saber with Melon Lock Seed set, a sword/gun combination for both Gaim and Zangetsu. The other sword that is shaped like an Orange is the Arms Change 01 Daidaimaru. that has lights and sounds activated by a trigger. It can combine with the Musou Saber to form Naginata Mode. Baron's weapon is called the Arms Change 02 Banaspear. Lastly is the Ryugen's gun - 03 Grape Ryuhou (again, Dragon gun).

What will replace the WAP, FMCS, WCC line is the Arm Change. Above images shows, Orange Arms, Kamen Rider Baron, Kamen Rider Ryugen, Pineapple Arms & Strawberry Arms Set, Kamen Rider Zangetsu and Mango Arms & Kiwi Arms Set.

As of this post, two bikes are introduced that has two modes, seed and vehicle. Gaim's bike is the Lock Vehicle 01 Sakura Hurricane and Lock Vehicle 02 Rose Attacker. It is not yet revealed who will be using the Rose Attacker. Following Kamen Rider Faiz and Blade, there will also be a Remote Control Sakura Hurricane. Prices have yet to be announced.

It was announced that 15th Heisei Rider is Kamen Rider Gaim. Kota Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim will be played by 2011's Junon Superboy contest winner - Gaku Sano. Produced by Motoi Sasaki  and Naomi Takebe , written by Gen Urobuchi, directed by Ryuta Tasaki and Takayuki Shibasaki, Kamen Rider Gaim starts airing this October 6. Check out the rest of the cast from this link.

additional information c/o Herotaku, Heroschock


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