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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Complete Selection Modification Lost Driver And Fang Memory Updated Deal

Toei Hero's website has announced that you can order Complete Selection Modification Lost Driver and Fang Memory together as a set for 15,750 yen. It may not be a great deal but at least the option is there to choose. Individually, they are sold at 9,450 yen and 6,300 yen respectively and will be released this February 2014. 
The Lost Driver uses a leather strap that brings improvement on the texture and durability while on the waist. It can fit waist sizes from 70 to 100cm and is inclusive of the Eternal and Skull memories. It was mentioned previously that Bandai will be issuing a T2 Joker Memory as a pre-order bonus for the Lost Driver. The Fang Memory's dimension is about 140mm x 240mm x 75mm and uses a hologram sticker. . Pre-orders will open simultaneously in Japan, Hong Kong , Taiwan and South Korea this September 24 - December, 2013.


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