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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kamen Rider Gaim: Genesis Driver And Sonic Arrow Revealed!

In the latest set of toy scan listings have revealed that Peach and Cherry Energy Lock Seeds are confirmed. On the scanned image above also reveals 2 more ELS namely Lemon Energy Lock Seed (E.L.S. 01) and Melon Energy Lock Seed (E.L.S. 04). However the official names of the riders have yet to be announced. 

Finally, new transformation device called the DX Genesis Driver surfaced online together with the DX Sonic Arrow. It seems like these will be used by Kamen Rider Zangetsu as his upgraded form. All these upcoming toys are rumored to be part of the Kamen Rider Gaim x Wizard winter movie. More information will be posted soon.

Source: Heroshock


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