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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai DC Variant Wonder Woman

Square Enix added one more leaguer to the slew of DC releases with the Amazonian princess, Play Arts Kai DC Variant Wonder Woman. The difference of what some of us are accustomed to is the anime-like influences, without deviating from the original design. Wonder Woman has a nice wavy hair sculpt nicely cut suit and attached around her waist is the Lasso of Truth.

She is inclusive with 3 hand attachments, a shield, a choker and a Play Arts Kai stage. There are two ways to use the shield, first is placing this on the left forearm by using the holding hand attachment and a clip to add stability. The other is through the extra neck choker allowing the shield to rest at the back of the figure.

Well, except for the air brushed strokes on the exposed skin areas I really like how Wonder Woman came out for Play Arts Kai. Lets say this is another way of representing one of the most popular characters in the DC Universe through this figure. If you want to put this figure back in the box, please place a plastic in between the lasso because it sticks on the figure, tearing up the paint application. But, in my opinion she looks younger than what you’ve seen in comic books that may be a boon for die-hard Wonder Woman fans. The most important detail that Square Enix really missed on is the inability for the figure to use the lasso.


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