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Monday, October 7, 2013

Toy Review: Figma Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)

The Figma Kurapika from the hit series, Hunter X Hunter takes its likeness during Yorknew city arc. His form takes on a Chinese-style outfit with hinges at the back allowing more flexibility for leg articulation. As a default, his right wrist has rings on each finger hiding the Conjured Chains until he uses them.

Inclusive is the staple Figma stage that is plugged at the back of the figure for stability. The figure also has a face replacement showcasing his Crimson eyes that he is known for. Exchanging this is not something out of the ordinary; all you need really is remove the hairpiece and swapping the default. More to this are 9 more extra hands nicely placed on a tray. 3 of these are hands showcase Kurapika’s special ability namely the Chain Jail; basically hook on a chain, dowsing chain and finally the Judgment chain.

The Figma Kurapika looks better and feels better than Killua in terms of playability. Despite how puffy the costume looks like, the joints around the waist makes the experience in posing the figure pleasurable. It may seem that the head sculpt is slightly off but rest assured the rest looks great. There might be some imperfections here and there but as soon as you get a good look, you’ll understand the effort was put into this figure.



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