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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Toy Review Figure-Rise 6 Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning)

The Figure-Rise 6 Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning) is a 1/12-scale model kit, slightly about the height of an S.H. Figuarts. To complete the form, stickers are applied such as the details on the face, the Bandai logo on the chest and Amazon Japan with the Crusade branding on both forearms. Without painting it the knuckles are plain and will not look like a kit from a certain distance.

The only parts out of frame kit are 4 hands and easily replaced through the polycaps on the forearms. At the back of the figure is a tiny gap to fit in stage similar to Gundam kits allowing the figure to pose in dynamic angles. If you are a S.H. Figuarts person, the Tamashii Stage Act would also fit just fine.

As a model kit, I am deeply impressed on the articulation as the pivot points are similar to an S.H. Figuarts action figure. Its legs are study enough to do amazing splits without compromising its overall balance. Though some color palettes are quite off such as the shoulder pads and other pink translucent pieces, without over criticizing, this could really pass off as a Figuart. Sure it lack some essentials attachable right leg for Good Luck Mode but for more than a half price of Tamashii figure, this is really a decent kit that would be appreciated by many. Oh yeah, you still need to paint this to add more spunk. More to this from the video review below.


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