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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Toy Review: Figure-rise 6 Wild Tiger (Tiger & Bunny)

Another Tiger & Bunny character also stormed the 1/12 scale model kit market is this Figure-rise 6 Wild Tiger. After assembly and stickers applied, this branded hero sport a white, black and greenish motif and some known logos on it. These are the Familymart and Softbank logos and surprisingly even an S.H. Figuarts mark on the upper part of the body. Even if this is a sticker-heavy model kit, these are almost passable as actual paint.

Wild Tiger has slightly more extra parts than Bunny like 4 hands and just one wire gun for his Wild Shoot. To use the gun, just lift the forearm shield and plug accordingly. Unfortunately, there are no holding hands on the set making the use of this accessory quite off on the kit. What is not included is the arm in Good Lock Mode and a stage. But there is a tab at the back of the figure to insert the stage in or you can use a Tamashi Stage Act set for other poses.

Just like Barnaby, this is a cheaper alternative considering how the articulation points move freely, thanks to the awesome joint molds. Problem with this is that the arms look short and the wrists just sink in on the polycaps. But I really want to recommend this because the overall impressive take without even making an effort in painting to add details. I do hope this Figure-rise 6 line will also make Kamen Riders or Power Ranger/Super Sentai kits in the near future. More to this from the video review below.


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