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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Toy Review: Topeam TSD-001 Super Deformed Optimus Prime

The Topeam TSD-001 Super Deformed Optimus Prime figure is one unique Transformers model kit for those who love the franchise and building figures from scratch. In truck mode, this is one of the most awful looking vehicle mode in Transformers history. The cabin is off while the wheels and the rest of the body behind it almost have the same length as its cabin. But this is not really you are after.

This toy doesn't really transform into robot mode per se but it needs shifting the body and plugging the parts through simple connectors or polycaps. The end result is dispatching only 3 parts as opposed to a handful from vehicle mode. Aside from this you have 3 extra hands a blue or yellow fusion axes and a gun.

The SD Optimus Prime looks fantastic in robot mode and you will have the figure is this fashion more than its truck features. Moreover all blue translucent plastic can be replaced with yellow pieces and chromed ones with plain grey versions, perfect to kit builders who like to buy another and make this into Nemesis Prime. There are only 2 problems with the kit overall, the instruction manual is incomplete and doesn't have a color palette if you want to replace the stickers to paint. And finally, it is a pain to use the chromed pieces, as their pegs need some scrapping in order to fit together. Which means they are more susceptible to wear and tear. More to this from the review below. 


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