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Friday, February 28, 2014

Toy Review: Figure-Rise 6 Double Chaser (Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning)

The packaging for the Figure-rise 6 Double Chaser is similar to Barnaby and Wild Tiger’s and other models kits hailing from Bandai. We have the nice and impressive anime-flavored design on top while the sides provides information about what this is inclusive with, preempting the transformation gimmick to the individual Lonely Chasers. Since this is a model kit, the parts have to be cut out off the plastic tray.

Once everything is done, the bikes almost look exactly like the S.H. Figuarts version. Just need minimal paint touching on the foot rests and handle bars. The wheels and headlights comprise of a neon tapes with matching translucent plastic colors, the seats and the tires use the same soft rubber material and instead of paint, the stickers are used on their names.

There are a few extra parts left but most are mainly used on the Wild Tiger’s sidecar. There is also an extra neck accessory for Barnaby to allow the head tilt and look more natural on a riding position. As you split the halves to the Lonely Chasers, the first step is to just detach the coupling in between. No further transformation needed on Barnaby’s bike but it helps if you place the stand underneath so that it will not topple down on its side; it goes the same with Wild Tiger’s. Tiger’s sidecar transforms into a bike by shifting the front wheel to its side. Then, add on the riser for the seat. Next is to fold the slaps in front while you lift the nose and extend the cab as you move the green panels and the footrest on the side.

The kit really is a great addition to the Figure-rise 6 Tiger and Bunny collection. Downside is that the wheels don’t move but even without this, some collectors you pass this as an S.H. Figuarts But will the S.H. Figuarts Tiger & Bunny figure fit in the bikes, not really. SHFs counterparts of Barnaby and Kotetsu are smaller than Figure-rise 6 that might pose difficulty in reaching the handlebars. I don't really care about the extra neck joint for Barnaby but I wished there were proper holding hands for Tiger & Bunny. More to this from the video review below.



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