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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Cammy (White Color Ver)

The second Street Fighter female character released for Play Arts Kai is no other than Cammy. The figure has a beautiful head sculpt with signature attributes such as her scar on the face, oddly colored pigtails on joints and her red beret. This white version’s frame is very slender but bulges down on her defined and camouflage-stained thighs.

Cammy just has a hand full of extra parts such as two hands, a replacement open mouth head and an effect accessory for her Spiral Arrow move. Hands are swapped similarly like other Play Arts Kai figures exposing the pegged joint in the process. The braids on her default head should be detached and placed on its replacement during transition. Her Spiral Arrow effect has a tapered end to fasten on either foot, this is firmly secured so you can position her legs in any direction without this detaching loosely.

I hope it is just my figure’s issue only but the braids do come off easily. What I did during the entire review was used blue tack to hold everything together. She is without a Square Enix stage that makes it difficult to mimic her in game moves. You can borrow from other Play Arts Kai figures but not proper enough to hold her slender physique. The overall impression seems fair but the articulation feels flimsy. Still a worthy collectible for any Street Fighter fan. More to this from the video review below.


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