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Friday, February 7, 2014

Toy Review: Transformers Year Of The Horse Optimus Prime Platinum Edition

To celebrate 2014’s Lunar New Year, Hasbro releases the Transformers Year of the Horse Optimus Prime Platinum Edition. Let’s talk about Prime in vehicle mode. The toy itself sets a deep red and blue color then highlighted with auspicious gold whereas silver on the MP-10. On one side has the Autobot symbol painted in while the other side has the Autobot logo with the year of the horse. The entire truck has no issue rolling back and forth with the roller bearings and the rubber tires.

Its crystal trailer uses a translucent plastic with futuristic designs. At the back the doors are also painted with the Autobot Year of the Horse mark. Similar to the MP-10 the trailer snaps together with the truck and follows through quite nicely.

For those who are new to this model, there are three modes for the trailer. We have the battle station mode where all of the panels are open while the turret is elevated. There are small flaps on the roof allowing you to close both sides while still having the turret peeking out together with the mechanical arm. Another mode is the maintenance dock where you can rest your Optimus Prime and store weapons such as the Energon Axe and the Ion Cannon.

Now in robot mode, few gimmicks remain from the now a classic MP-10 such as storing the folding Ion Cannon at the back of the figure or held by mechanical fingers. The Energon Axe can be used on both hand but mind you there are grooves you need to follow to place this properly. There are no light pipings on the head as the eyes are painted shut. The diecast, more accurate, Matrix of Leadership continues to have that solid feel and this is casted on Prime’s chamber from the chest.

Though I like the deep crispy red and blue on the figure, many would agree that the gold-chromed pieces are very strange to mix with silver linings in front. The rest, the Year of the Horse edition for the convoy alone has more details than of the MP-10 such as the silver fog lights. What I really wanted for the company to maintain a black gun instead of a brownish and silver mix. In addition is using black elbows and waist details unlike the MP-10 maintaining in unison color motif. And with the absence of Roller in the set makes some collectors think twice before jumping the bandwagon. Overall there are hits and misses on this set but hey, no Prime is perfect.


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