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Monday, March 10, 2014

J-Stars Victory Vs Trailer Features 50+ Shonen Jump Characters

Bandai Namco Games' Youtube Channel started streaming the 13-minute trailer for upcoming PS3 and PS Vita game entitled:  J-Stars Victory Vs.The videos features all 52 characters from 32 Shonen Jump titles you've grown to love.

The premise of the game is "J Battle Festival, a dream festival that happens once in 45 years" and assembles heroes who exemplify friendship, hard work, and victory. The games have several modes such as J Adventure Mode that contains an original story set "Jump World." In this mode, players embark on an adventure in ship throughout the "Jump World". With this, players can collect "J Points" for cards in battles and adventures as well as items in the J-Point Shop. They can then use the resulting J-Stars Card deck and points to level up their characters and ships.
Other modes include a Victory Road campaign, Free Battle, Online Mode for 2 vs. 2 battles, and a Gallery Mode with an illustrated guide to all the J-Stars along with their voice samples and fighting patterns. 

The theme song for the game is called Fighting Stars sung by Hiroshi Kitadani, Akira Kushida and Hironobu Kageyama. People who pre-ordered the game early will receive the J-Stars Victory Book,  information and visuals of Jump heroes over the years. Also is  free augmented-reality (AR) app lets you see the Jump heroes in your surroundings on the PS Vita.

In celebration of Shonen Jump's 45th anniversary, J-Stars Victory Vs will be made available for the PS3 and PS Vita this March 19. PS3 regular release is priced at 7,980 yen, while a limited edition will cost about 10,980 yen. The regular edition for the PS Vita costs about 6,980 yen and the limited edition copy for 9,980 yen.

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