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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Shocker Combatman (Japan Invasion Ver.)

Tamashii Nations added another version of the fictional grunt in black with this Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Combatman Black Japan Invasion Set. One of the first 3-pack set is the same with the Shocker Combatman released without the bone-like design on its chest but retains the big WWE-like plastic buckle with the huge Showa emblem.

 Each combatant includes 6 hands each and a Shocker Baton. Exchanging hands is quite common with what most Figuarts have and it feels secure and shows no sign of breaking.

The figures continue to have this thin, lanky and fragile look. I was hoping that there is some sort of difference between the three to have their own character. Shocker Combatman is highly flexible that you can do almost everything; from going head-to-head with any Kamen Rider figures you have or use your imagination for comic relief. But the set seems a bit expensive because of what this is inclusive with and seriously, this is only a grunt in the Kamen Rider universe. But at least you can choose aside from this, a single figure set, or the 6-pack Shocker Combatman World Domination.




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