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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Naoto Takenaka to Join Live-Action Patlabor

A new poster for the 2nd installment of the live-action  The Next Generation Patlabor reveals that Japanese actor, comedian, singer, and director, Naoto Takenaka will make an appearance. Takenaka previously voiced Shigeki Arakawa in Oshii's 1993 Patlabor 2: The Movie.

With this, succeeding episode titles have been announced. Part 2 — with episode 2 "98-Shiki Sakidō Seyo" (AV-98, Relaunch!) and episode 3 "Tekken Akira" — will premiere in Japan on May 3.

The Next Generation Patlabor project is helmed by Mamoru Oshii and will have a seven-part series (including episode 0) engagement with 12 full episodes starting this April 5th 2014 to January 1st 2015.

In addition, The Next Generation Patlabor will have a full length feature film that is set to premier in 2015.  Mamoru Oshii is part of HEADGEAR who used to serve as the writer-director and one of the original creators of the Mobile Police Patlabor anime series.Graphics and audio studio, Omnibus Japan that is  tied with TOHOKUSHINSHA, is co-producing the new project. Omnibus Japan's known works include doing graphics for Ghost in the Shell and the Evangelion movies. 

Source: Anime News Network 


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