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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Toy Review: DX Sengoku Driver (Kamen Rider Gaim)

The DX Sengoku Driver is like what Kamen Rider Gaim uses on the show, a glorified fruit cutting board with a belt strap to hold on the waist. But unlike other DX rider belts, this is quite unique since this is a hybrid wherein the parts have to be played together to appreciate the set.

 But before all that lets go through the accessories. We have the Driver that has a battery compartment opened by a pin lock and speaker found on the front core. Just on top is the switch to turn on the Driver. Then we have 2 belt straps and a back buckle. Each strap has an indicator to let you know where one comes on the driver and clips to disengage these easily from the latches. The buckle of course, helps to hold the straps and secure the entire loop.

Inclusive in the set are two Lock Seeds namely the Orange and Banana Lock Seeds and Kamen Rider Gaim and Baron’s faceplate. Each Lock Seed’s speaker is found at the back and a button just below for more independent sounds and the switch to turn these on. The LEDs are in front that works to sync in with the sound activations.

Like I said, the DX Sengoku Driver is a hybrid of other DX Kamen Rider belts that has to be played with the Lock Seeds. Separately, each has its own gimmick but wouldn't make that much fun if one is absent from the other. The Sengoku Driver allows more combinations with other Lock Seeds and their connectors, expanding the overall playability. What the driver lacks is the luster in design unlike some of the past favorites released by Bandai.


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