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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms On Set

With Kamen Rider Gaim's final form, Kiwami Arms, expected to debut in upcoming episodes, recently circulating online are photos of the said form spotted at Yonohommachi, Saitama during an episode shoot.

Kiwami Arms is accessed by the Kiwami Lockseed combined with the Kachidoki Lock Seed. This is a special Lockseed-like key that when activated on the Senyo/Gunyo Joint after it is manually attached to the Sengoku Driver allows Kamen Rider Gaim to evolve his Kachidoki Arms into Kiwami Arms, granting him access to every Arms Weapon, except for both of the Suika Arms weapons and all of the Legend Rider Arms Weapons. Its code is LS-\infty (LS-Infinity).

Source: DecaEnd via Jefusion


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