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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider 2 (Old)

The latest S.I.C. edition of Kamen Rider 2 takes its form from the rider’s original suit color. His chest has a darker tone and the transparent plastic that was more vibrant on Kamen Rider 1 disappears on the 2nd. But this also has a detachable muffler that is quite loose but not that annoying.

Kamen Rider 2 has a good amount on accessories to work around with aside form his muffler. We have the rider kick and punch effects, a werewolf with a pedestal. Next set contains 6 wrist replacements, a head with an open mouthpiece and a rider belt with the Tachibana Racing logo. The effects split in half and lock again together on the forearms and ankle. The head and belt parts are also easy to replace adding more variety on the figure. Again, the wolf and stage doesn’t clip together and has less room for the figure to stand on.

If you think that Kamen Rider 2 is a repaint of the 1st, you’re highly mistaken. Though the TV show is almost a clone of each other, this is not the same on the S.I.C. His chest has its own mold and the parts that copied the first are the awesome S.I.C. joints. This means the figure is highly poseable and a good entry level of wannabe S.I.C. collectors.



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