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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nintendo 3DS Power Rangers Super Megaforce Game Due This Fall

It was revealed recently at this year's E3 event, guys at Rangercrew has snag the first glimpse of the upcoming Power Rangers Super Megaforce game. This will continue to be a side-scrolling game with a few twists. You will be able to scan Bandai America's Power Ranger Legendary Ranger Keys from toy sets and other products with your Nintendo 3DS and power ups will be unlocked. 

According to RangerCrew's interview with Namco Bandai, the game includes about 30 playable characters including the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger. The Super Megaforce Silver Ranger is already playable at the start of the game. There are no further news about the price yet but is speculated to release this fall. Read the full report at RangerCrew's blog by clicking this link.


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