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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Toy Review: Play Arts Kai DC Variant Batgirl

Square Enix has produced one more DC character, a female this time with Play Arts Kai Batgirl. What Square Enix proposed is taking some characteristics of the Batman variant and adding a bit of a softer side. Aside from the Batman-like armor is her nice blue pair of eyes, exposed red hair and cape with a mustard yellow taste under it.

Batgirl has the Play Arts Kai stage, 3 hand replacements, a yellow-gold batarang and a big kunai. The knife has additional gimmick with one of the blades extend and for what reason? The instruction manual doesn’t say anything. Another is a pair of cape accessories to make her act as if she is moving swiftly.

The problem with female characters in Play Arts Kai increases once the figure is included with heels. Her heels are difficult to pose with especially position in different fighting stances. Moreover, it really doesn’t suit her because of her thick thighs and long legs. These make the heel look like hooves. Even if these are harder than Jeanne or Bayonetta, you still need that sweet spot where the feet don’t look and feel like she has broken an ankle. But for simple standing poses, it can’t be denied that this is a sexy figure. Finally the extra cape accessories only have one flow and direction, which means it is only good for one side only.




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