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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kamen Rider Drive: Shifting Modes

Now that we know that actor Ryoma Takeuchi will play as Kamen Rider Drive lets see more of his alternative modes using Shift Cars. Some of them have already been spoiled from the recent toy scans but it would be great to see the look.

As mentioned on the last report, the Drive Driver is an AI and his partner. The system will be able to guide him. But this AI changes "moods" as whenever Shift Cars are utilized individually. On the console, the LED will remain as R, but when our hero switches into Type Speed, R changes to S.

The tire on Kamen Rider Drive changes whenever a Shift Car is activated and will give him new weapons.  On the scans we have Shift Car Max Flare for Drive's Type Speed Flare. It grants our hero protective flames and he can obliterate his enemies with his Flare Stream.

Next is Drive Type Speed Spike form using Shift Car Funky Spike. The tire now becomes green and added with sharp treads to do Spike Tornado !

Finally seen on the scan is the Shift Car Midnight Shadow,  Type Speed Shadow form. He will be armed with the Shadow Shurikens he will throw at his enemies! 

Every main rider has a name for his rider kick. For Drive, SpeeDrop and he also has a Rider Punch  called the Turbo Smash to fight the evil Roymyuudo.
Source: Heroshock


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