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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ryoma Takeuchi Is Kamen Rider Drive!

The latest Televi-kun magazine scans have revealed the actor Ryoma Takeuchi will play as Kamen Rider Drive. Now let's get to know the character even more. Kamen Rider Drive's human identity is Shinnosuke Tomari.

Tomari is a car aficionado and at the same time part of the police force. Similar to Kiva's belt, his Drive Driver is a talking device and serves as his partner. Aside from the support, the belt would often refer to Tomari as"Mr. Belt". 

Unlike past riders, his powers and is identity is top secret. To change to Kamen Rider Drive, he will switch the car into Lever Mode and slide this into the Shift Bracelet. Some of the previously reported alternative transformations using Shift Cars will be Max Flare and Funky Spike. One of the forms, Midnight Shadow gives Drive ninja-like attributes.

Source: Heroshock, Tokusatsu Network


Almir Yandi said...

I am really Glad that his identity as rider will be kept secret!!! It will show us more drama and story and fun. I prefer heroes with secret identity like megaranger, sailor senshi and jiban.

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