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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Toy Review: S.H.Figuarts (Ring) Sadako Yamamura

One of the oddest releases under the S.H. Figuarts banner is Sadako Yamamura from the horror flick, the Ring. Out of the package, Sadako is very pale with a white blouse, blocky skirt, with most of her hair against her face but one eye is peeping through. To escape the monotony of her paleness, her fingers are blotched with hints of dirt or blood.

The set includes a pair of extra hands, an extra skirt, two head replacements and one hair accessory and a tape. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without the TV set and the replacement screen. The extra hair accessory covers entire face and easy to replace on the figure while showing the creepy face inside. Then there is the skirt that puts the figure on all fours. To use this, take this apart and fit the legs according to the mold and attach everything back including the torso. You can even exchange the extra headpieces according to the level you want. Finally is the TV that has a detachable screen and replaced with a hollow mid section to plug the torso in.

Weird and creepy, check! Sure there are limitations on the lower half of the body. But I bought this not only for the fear factor but also for laughs. With the position and accessories inclusive, there are a lot of things you can do with the figure that is not even related with the movie. What I think should be included is a movie background or the famous water well.



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