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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin Melon Energy Arms

Kamen Rider Zangetsu gets an S.H. Figuarts upgrade with Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin Melon Energy Arms. This form uses a more agile-like motif with a stylized gear and a huge logo on the chest. Like it has on the show, the figure’s default form uses the Genesis Driver and liquid elements making this unique from earlier releases.

Zangetsu Shin includes 7 extra hands, 2 kinds of Sonic Arrows and a closed Melon Energy Lock Seed. The Lock Seed on the figure’s driver detaches and can be latched on any of the 2 Sonic Arrows.

Now that the shoulders are more bare, these seem short for the torso. But it won’t matter once you start posing the figure. What is missing is some action on the driver. A push gimmick on the handle would definitely suffice. I like Zangetsu Shin better than the normal arms as this has more vibrant colors specially on the gold, green and orange textures. I can’t wait to see more New Gen Riders in S.H. Figuarts.


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