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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Toy Review: Faiz 555 Jet Sriger/Sliger (RC)

Jet Sriger come closer....The Faiz 555 SB-VX0 Jet Sriger is for me the best looking bike ever made in Kamen Rider history. Screw the Museum, down with Foundation X - Smart Brain is the greatest fictional enterprise that brought the most breathtaking vehicles. This motor vehicle is design only to Kamen Rider such as Faiz, Kaixa and Delta. Mostly in the movie Paradise Lost, Jet Srigers are mass produced and meant to service Riotroopers. 

I welcome you to my review of the Remote Control Faiz Jet Sriger.

One of my prized possessions to date, the RC Faiz Jet Sriger. Ever since I watched the show, I knew there is toy of some sort that looks like the Jet Sriger. It is the most sophisticated bikes made in Kamen Rider history and I am dying to have it. Luckily there's one on ebay. On my birthday month with no hesitation, my wife gave this to me. I shrieked and shrilled like a girl on her first kiss.

The Sriger has 5 thrusters and 2 size 25 wheels that are chromed. The rest of the silver lining are painted in matte silver. There is a Faiz figure inside cockpit that you can replace with your beloved SH Figuarts. However, an SHF figure would sink inside and if I were the driver, I couldn't see my dashboard.

Just like the show, the magnificent wheels of the Sriger can rotate 90° left or right on their axis, that allow the vehicle to "slide" sideways or spin 360° on the spot. I do wish it could also hover over water.
Playstation-control like remote is also included (sheesh that is why it is also called an RC). Forward and back buttons are on the left side of the handle and left right is on the other. Additional buttons are on top to spin the vehicle clockwise or counterclockwise. I guess the cheat on this RC is that it has two smaller wheels located on each side to counterbalance when it slides left or right.

Batteries are also included - 8 pack and a square 8 volt. Only the 8 pack has a charger. If you are living in places like Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines or Thailand, be aware that the charger is at 110volt. So this means buy a voltage converter.

Unfortunately, this toy was only released in Asia and for a limited time only. A rare find like a diamond in the rough.

Cons - since the the wheels and the boosters are chromed it is susceptible to wear and tear if not handled properly. With this, I highly recommend finding a venue with an absolute flat and smooth surface like a wood-tiled basketball court. Stress on absolute. Because this may also be your most expensive kamen rider toy to date and chromed parts are unforgiving on other surfaces. Ouch.




Unknown said...

amazing toys.these types of toys are very popular in under 13 years old children. spider man and bat man are also popular among them.


Andy said...

Children have always been fascinated with Remote Controlled (RC) Toys. Have you ever known a child who wasn’t fascinated with a remote control toy? I certainly haven’t. Every kid I know is fascinated with remote control toys. Moreover, it’s not limited to just children. Even adults love remote control.


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