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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Toy Review: S.I.C. Movie Realization Kamen Rider The Next

I think this is the point in my toy review vocation that I'm truly expanding my toy reviews not limiting my Kamen Rider collection in SH Figuarts. True, I have an almost complete set of the SIC Kiwami Tamashii Kamen Rider line (the Denliner is all that is lacking) and a growing SHF collection but its time to dig deeper into the SICs.

Of all Kamen Riders, The Next movie intrigues me the most. Unfortunately to date I haven't watched it but soon if I had enough time. Probably after I've written this review. The reason being is because through the trailers, its a revamp of the original riders. Just like the premise of SICs being re-imagined figures, the movie takes a whole new story idea. This led me in picking up the SIC Movie Realization "the Next" two-pack edition Masked Rider 1 and 2. For now, I'll call them by their common nicknames Ichigo and Nigo. Technically they are not listed on the box as SICs but they are part of the same family.

Both Ichigo and Nigo are armed with 3 pairs of poseable hands, 2 scarves and a pair of antennas each. The difference between the sets are the paint apps and for the scarves, Ichigo have torn and holed mold into these while Nigo's have a smoother and brighter shade of red. I like the fact that the attention to detail for the props are top notch - even the scorch marks and the gradient dark lines are there. I adore the Rider belt with the plastic jewel in the middle...molto bene.

If you have your SHF the Next toys, you are probably familiar with the battle scarred marks on Ichigo's helmet. The difference is that the hair at the back of the helmet is not present on the SICs while the SHF version is visible.

Nigo however looks closer to Shin Ichigo especially the paint apps on the helmet. Another detail to note is that Nigo has a worn down Shocker logo. I'm not sure if this is deliberate or a quality issue. I tried to scratch it with my fingers but it doesn't come off easily, so I guess it is.

The joints should be familiar for these 30 plus articulation point figures. There are a few limitations though. First with the scarf laying down on the chest provides limitation on the head movement. The flowing scarf is better.

Second is the leg articulation. This bumps on the belt too much that you can only lift the leg 30 degrees sideways. The engineering was made on SICs infancy so expect that the joint on the crotch area is not as refined and poseable as today's offerings. So as the feet, these don't have a hinge at a toe so you'll feel a bit awkward in certain poses. As for the rest, they are fine on my standards.

The details for each figure are impeccable and what is demanded from SICs. Although a lot of Kamen Rider collectors shy away from the deformity of most Kamen Rider SIC figures, this set is in between polished and rugged, a combination that may lure more consumers to SICs.








jamie said...

is it still possible to buy this online?

Firestarter1331 said...

@jamie - yes check out mandarake

jamie said...

strange.. its not listed in the all products search even though i searched the next and movie realization.

Firestarter1331 said...

use japanese text when searching. just copy and paste from google and it will take you there

jamie said...

It's listed as sold out. I found it on toysnmission though, would you recoomend them?

Firestarter1331 said...

not familiar with them though but you can inquire via email.

jamie said...

Any other places than mandarake you can recommend?

Firestarter1331 said...

at this point no, I also got mine via eBay and this figure was out a long time ago. If not ebay, you may try amazon

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