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Monday, July 23, 2012

Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts DekaRed

Here is a review of the S.H. Figuarts Dekared from Dekaranger! Well, the release of this figure is both a surprise and an expected outcome from the Tamashii Nations 2011. Expected- is stating the obvious from numerous news and blog posts on this release and there was even an image that has all 5 members. Surprising means that it suddenly went into a delay in the production ever since Akibaranger started to air. Not only we have some weapons that are obviously included in the package but a bonus item as well.

The S.H. Figuarts DekaRed box art has a bigger window that previous SHF Super Sentai releases, probably because it wants to reveal the delusion D-Wrapper that he handed out to Akagi. This is the bonus item that is included in the box. But more to that later. A huge number 1 is printed on the left side of the box and his name and the team that he belongs to are printed on the window instead of the carton box. As more SHF rangers join in the foray, the more organized the company and associated logos are and these are neatly lined-up on the bottom.

The D-Wrapper is a huge pair of handcuffs which the handles are detachable and when opened up, a handle bar is revealed to let AkibaRed hold on to them as claw-like weapons. On its badge there is a hidden slot but I guess this will be for holding other Akiba-related items once they come in.

Other weapons include two pistols, a hybrid magnum and SP License. These slides right in the holsters but only the SP License lock in place. I'm quite disappointed that there are no available stickers to place inside the SP License. This is because when the tab is flipped, you are presented with a blank area, this could have presented more with a sticker but that is only my opinion.

There are few changes on how DekaRed is created, it also may have pros and cons having new molds and features for the upcoming super sentai SHF toys. For example the shoulder joints have the tendency to follow with the arm, which is good as you don't need to worry about folding them back manually. Second is the shoulder joints have a bigger screw allowing more flexibility with the figure. Lastly, it might be weird at first but the ankle joints are slightly different as well.

Overall, SHF DekaRed is another amazing Super Sentai figure and one of my favorites too. New and well-designed joints allows the figure to more better and more dynamic. And he is more light on the budget too considering he is inclusive of the huge D-Wrapper. Through it is hard to tell yet if he belongs to my top 10 as I still need to see the rest of the offerings this year and make my complete assessment but this is definitely one to keep.



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