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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WAP! Kamen Rider Wizard Dragon Forms and Kamen Rider Beast Featured

Together with this month's issue of Figure Oh magazine is the listing of the upcoming Kamen Rider Wizard Dragon forms and Kamen Rider Beast in Bandai's Wizard Action Please! (WAP!) toyline set for March release. 

First in the introduction of WAP! 08: Kamen Rider Beast and Beast Chimera. WAP! 08 Kamen Rider Beast is about 150mm tall while the Beast Chimera is about 105 tall. Parts of the Chimera can form different mantles (Falco, Buffa, Dolphin and Cameleo) for Kamen Rider Beast. This set is also inclusive of the Dice Saber. Price is 4,200 yen. 

Following from the release of Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon this month is the upcoming release of WAP! 09 Kamen Rider Wizard Land Dragon, 07 Water Dragon and 06 Hurricane Dragon. Each will have the WizardSwordGun in two modes and in addition, each will have a unique part which are the claws (Land), Dragon Tail (Water), and Dragon Wings (Hurricane) to form the Kamen Rider Wizard All Dragon. You can also use any WAP! Wizard Dragon forms to act as a base for these parts. Price for each is 3,150 yen. 

Source: Toy World HK


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