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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Toy Review: Hot Toys Cosbaby Iron Man 3 Series

If you have some inkling for Hot Toys’ 1/6 scale Iron Man figures but can’t afford one well this is a good alternative for you. This is the Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Cosbaby collection. Iron Man 3 Cosbaby figures are priced just right that allows you to get all 8 figures for 1/3 the price of the main Hot Toys big action figures. Each is about 3 inches and portrays all the details you should find in Cosbaby cuteness. The IM3 Cosbaby costs around 80-100 USD depending where you bought it.

The IM3 series includes Marks I-VII plus Tony Stark packed into one set. IM3 set also is inclusive with a specially design Hall of Armor paper backdrop which you need to connect the flaps together with already-in double-sided tapes. To top it off is Tony Stark’s stage on a perforated cardboard to maximize display possibilities.

Each figure has a ball-jointed head, poseable arms, a waist articulation (except for Mark I) and a clear stand (except for Tony Stark). As a whole there are not much we can do on the articulation points but when the Hall of Armor  is built properly, you can add on to beautify the whole set up. 

Here you have is an adorable set of 8. Great thing is that this you don’t need to wait for an individual release in order to complete Tony Stark’s unique garage. Though there are little limitations when it comes to posabilities but they look great when you had them lined up and placed in individual sections. Hobbyists can do more on the Hall of Armor like adding lights or making the stage more durable so the set would last longer. A great discussion piece overall. More to this from the video review below.





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