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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Customizing Ganbarider's Power In Rider Battle GANBARIZING

The official Youtube for the revamped Carddass Rider Battle Ganbaride arcade game called Kamen Rider Battle GANBARIZING has posted another promo video showing more Ganbarider Avatar customization using other Kamen Rider powers. In the video, your Ganbarider Avatar can also acquire past rider's special abilities like Fourze's Rocket Punch, Kamen Rider W's Trigger Full Burst and Wizard's Strike Wizard.

Kamen Rider Battle GANBARIZING's main feature is all about creating your "Ganbarider" avatar to become the strongest Kamen Rider. You can do this by using your Data Carddass Kamen Rider Battle Ganbarizing Ganbarider Card & IC Card Set and build with over 100 combinations to choose from. The IC Card Set is due to be released in November for 450 yen.

The arcade machine will also feature a 32-inch tall monitor. In the video, the promo shows that players can play 3 riders in one battle with one lead. To play in this 3vs3 game you need to move one character card forward to attack. Turn the card on the other side to create a final or finishing move.   Kamen Rider Battle GANBARIZING the launch date in on October 31


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